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Are You Making an Impression on Campus?

Learn how we can help you get in front of one of the most powerful consumer audiences today

College marketing made easy

Meet your new college marketing department

We pride ourselves on doing the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Our done-for-you college marketing programs make college marketing easy and result in effective brand trial, engagement and loyalty.

$593 billion in spending power

Why college students?

College students are new consumers and are making purchasing decisions on their own for the first time. They have $593 billion in spending power and are establishing their consumer profiles. This is the prime opportunity to foster a life-long consumer relationship and your brand should be making an impression with this powerful entry-point market!

Eliminate Marketing Waste

Why HBCUs?

The HBCU community is the heartbeat of the African-American consumer audience. Marketing directly to students on these dynamic campuses allows your brand to eliminate marketing waste and connect with your intended audience with ease.

Nearly 10 years of experience

Why work with us?

We’ve touched over 100,000 students and worked with 30+ brands in developing effective marketing programs for our clients and are extremely passionate about the work we do. We listen to understand your goals and handle the rest from there (literally). Our team goes the extra mile to ensure our programs are successful and our clients are satisfied. Allow us to be the experts while you enjoy the results!

See where the magic happens

Check us out in action

Some of our Favorite Projects

Case Studies

Estée Lauder Companies + Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

  • Digital Event
  • Market Research
  • Product Mailing
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Boss Women Media + Amazon

  • Brand Ambassador Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Market Research
  • On-Campus Events
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  • College Tour
  • In-Store Events
  • Sampling
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Founder & CEO

Ashlee W. Gomez

“As college students establish independence, they are also establishing their own consumer profiles and brand loyalties. Marketing to them while they are at this pivotal point on their consumer journey is critical for brands to form lifelong relationships. This is when they are most impressionable and when opportunities for loyalty are born.”

Our Services

We’re here to help you make a statement on campus.

We understand the power of college marketing and are committed to helping our brand partners make a statement on campus. We also understand the time, talent and financial commitment required to execute college marketing on their own can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in! Our passionate team of college marketing experts will essentially become your college marketing department and work with you to build an effective college marketing plan with our impactful marketing programs. That’s right! After understanding your goals and objectives we plan, manage and execute all details on your behalf with minimal needs from your brand team and an unmatched attention to detail.

Some of our Favorite Brand Partners

Ways we can make your life easier

Our Program Features

College Tours & Campus Events
Digital Media Marketing
Brand Ambassadors
Gen Z Influencer Management
Student Collaboration Projects
E-Commerce Product Reviews
On-Campus & Direct Mail Sampling
Digital Media Marketing Promotion
Student Recruiting Pipelining
Retailer Marketing Support
Student Collaboration Projects
Subscription Mailer Features (Femailer)

We’re more than just a marketing company…

Impactful Student Programs

We take pride in investing in the future generation of corporate leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs. We’ve carefully crafted meaningful experiences that add significant value to our audience’s college careers, while building strong talent pipelines for our brand partners.