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Impressions of Beauty

Campus Programs Intern

This role involves comprehensive planning and coordination for IOB college tours which includes but is not limited to defining the tour concept, identifying vendors, selecting caterers, and reviewing event inventory orders. Additional responsibilities will include market research on Gen Z trends and co-developing innovative digital marketing strategies.

Example Duties:

  • Identify and evaluate potential photography, videography, and floral vendors for upcoming tours
  • Research and recommend catering options tailored to events based on factors such as event theme, venue, budget, and expected attendance
  • Explore opportunities to enhance event presentation by identifying creative decor and programming elements
  • Develop and recommend creative concepts for the 2025 tour season and create tentative schedules
  • Develop captivating social media and email marketing content to increase engagement
  • Analyze data and feedback from past events to improve and tailor future tours to our audience’s evolving interests
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